The UN Security Council renews UNSOM’s mandate in Somalia.

The United Nation Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2461 (2019) on Wednesday last week (March 27) to renew the mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) until the end of March next year. UNSOM was established in June 2013 to provide policy advice to the Federal Government on the peace and reconciliation processes and to support the Federal Government and AMISOM on peace building and state-building in the areas of governance, security sector reform, and rule of law, development of a federal system, the constitutional review, democratization and coordination of donor support. It is also mandated to help the Federal Government in capacity building to promote respect for human rights and women’s empowerment, promote child protection, prevent conflict-related sexual and gender-based violence, and strengthen justice institutions. It is expected to monitor, investigate and report abuses or violations of human rights or of international humanitarian law committed in Somalia, particularly abuses committed against children or women.
The renewed mandate underlined the importance of UNSOM’s political, technical, operational and logistical support, in collaboration with the United Nations Support Office in Somalia (UNSOS), to the Somali Federal Government, for the delivery of inclusive, peaceful, free and fair one-person-one-vote elections. The resolution also urged the Government and the Federal Member States to increase the representation and participation of women and youth at all decision-making levels. It called for the adoption of an election law by mid-year, and for the upcoming elections in Federal Member States to be conducted in line with Somalia’s international obligations and commitments.
The Security Council urged the Federal Government and the Federal Member States to accelerate implementation of key security reforms, with support from UNSOM, UNSOS and AMISOM. It called for the Federal Government to resume implementation of a transition plan with clear target dates for transferring security from AMISOM to Somali security institutions and forces. It strongly condemned recent attacks in the region by Al-Shabaab and encouraged the United Nations to continue working with the Federal Government and AMISOM to strengthen security.