General service request procedure click to read the not verbal in Amharic

  1. Print and fill the form corresponding to the service.Payment corresponding to your request has to be paid through bank transfer at least three days in advance with the name of the applicant to the following bank account IBAN: Account details: Account Name permanent Mission of Ethiopia UBS Account No.: 0279 C811 6140 0 IBAN: CH06 0027 9279 C811 6140 0 BIC/SWIFT: UBSWCHZH80A
  2.  (click here to see the consular fees, the fees for diaspora services are provided on the service pages). Do not forget to indicate the name of the applicant in the object of the transfer. Bring a printed version of your payment confirmation with you.
  3. Please note that payments cannot be refunded
  4. To request a service through post, send the filled form + envelope filled with your address + cash for the return postal service + prove of payment per post to Permanent Mission of Ethiopia to Switzerland 56, Rue de Moillebeau, 1211 Geneva 19  O box 338

Please note: all consular and diaspora services have to be requested through the mail and paid through bank transfer at least three days in advance with the name of the applicant. (Read the general announcement). The Embassy only accepts payments in Swiss franc and Euro’s based on current exchange rate. Bring your payment confirmation with you. Consular and Diaspora services will be provided at the Embassy by appointment only. The embassy is not responsible for the loss of passports or other documents. Therefore, the Embassy recommends all applicants to use well sealed registered mail. Click here to contact us for an appointment. Your feedback on our service is welcome: then click Feedback.

እባክዎ አገልግሎቱን አዘጋጅተን እንድንስጥዎ በጥንቃቄ አንብበው አስፈላጊውን ማስረጃዎች ከነ ፎቶ ኮፒ አያይዘው ይላኩ፡፡

  • እንዲረጋገጥልዎ የፈለጉት የውክልና ሰነድ ሆኖ ኢትዮጵያዊ/ት ሆነው የአገልግሎት ዘመኑ ያላበቃ ፓስፖርት ወይም ያገልግሎት ዘመኑ ያላበቃ የትውልድ ኢትዮጵያዊ መታወቂያ ካርድ ካለዎት የውክልና ሰነዱን ኖተራይዝ አስደርገው ከሌሎች አስፈላጊ ሰነዶች ጋር በቀጥታ ወደ ኤምባሲው መላክ ይችላሉ፡፡ ነገር ግን አገልግሎቱ የፀና የትውልድ ኢትዮጵያዊ መታወቂያ ካርድ ወይም አገልግሎቱ የፀና የኢትዮጵያ ፓስፖርት ከሌለዎት ውክልናውን በአማርኛና በእንግሊዘኛ ተጽፎ ኖተራይዝ በማድረግ በመጀመሪያ ባሉበት አገር ኦፊስ ቀጥሎ በምትገኙበት ውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስቴር ከተረጋገጠ በሁዋላ ወደ ኤምባሲያችን መላክ ይኖርብዎታል፡፡
  • ማንኛውም ለማረጋገጥ የሚቀርብ ዶክመንት Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Romania And Bulgaria  አገሮች የመነጩ (የተሰጠ) ከሆነ (ለምሳሌ – ያላገቡ መሆነዎትን የሚያረጋግጥ፣ የልደት የምስክር ወረቀት እና የመሳሰሉትን …) መጀመሪያ ካሉበት አካባቢ አገር ኦፊስ በመሄድ ዶኩመንቱን ካረጋገጡ በኋላ በምትገኙበት ውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስቴር ከተረጋገጠ በኋላ ወደ ኤምባሲያችን መላክ ይኖርበታል፡፡
  • ለማረጋገጥ የሚፈልጉት ዶኩመንት ከኢትዮጵያ የመነጨና በኢትዮጵያ ውጭ ጉዳይ ሚኒስቴር የተረጋገጠ ከሆነ በቀጥታ ወደ ኤምባሲያችን በመላክ አገልግሎቱን ማግኘት ይችላሉ ፣
  • ባለጉዳዮች መላኪያም ሆነ መመለሻ ፖስታ መጠቀም የሚኖርባችሁ Tracking Number DHL TNT Bpost Express mail, swisspost mail ባለው መሆን ይገባዋል፡፡ የላኩት ፖስታ ወደ ኤምባሲያችን ለመድረሱም ሆነ የተዘጋጀለዎት ሰነድ ወደ እርሶ ተመላሽ ለመደረጉ ባለዎት የፖስታ Tracking Number በመጠቀም ማጣራት ሰለሚችሉ ይህንኑ መረጃ ለማረጋገጥ ወደ ኢምባሲው መደወል አይጠበቅብም፡፡

Please fill the forms carefully as described below and send them to us

  • If you are a holder of valid Ethiopian Passport or of valid Ethiopian Origin ID card, you can send notarized document of Power of Attorney directly to the Embassy. If not, your Power of Attorney document should be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • All documents originating in the Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Romania And Bulgaria such as Adoption, Trade Mark, Property Rights, Court Decisions, Birth Certificates, Marriage or Divorce Certificates, etc) must be authenticated by your Ministry of Foreign Affairs prior to applying at the Embassy.
  • All documents originating in Ethiopia should be authenticated by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia.
  • All applications must be sent via e-mail with an envelop which has a TRACKING NUMBER. The applications must also have a self-addressed, prepaid (DHL TNT Bpost Express mail, swisspost mail ) return envelop which has a tracking Number. You don’t have to call the Embassy to check whether your application has been recieved or returned back to you since you have the option to track it online at the respective mailing company’s website.