Foreign Minister Dr.Workneh Sharpens Bilateral Ties in Davos

H.E. Dr Workeneh Gebeyehu confers Georgian Foreign Minister, and South Korean Foreign Minister earlier today. (January 23)
Minister Dr. Workeneh discussed with Georgian Foreign Minister David
Zalkaliani on various bilateral issues including on how to strengthen economic and technical cooperation.
The Georgian Foreign Minister expressed the willingness of his government to work closely with Ethiopia and extend technical cooperation support. The Foreign Minister asked his Ethiopian counterpart to assist Georgian effort to establish good relations and economic relations with the rest of Africa as Ethiopia is an important economic actor in the continent.
Minister Dr. Workneh reassured the Georgian counterpart that Ethiopia will be willing to work together to further enhance bilateral economic relationship to assist Georgia in its effort to establish good cooperation with the rest of Africa countries.
Minister Dr. Workeneh also met Foreign Minister of South Korea Kang Kyung, both Ministers expressed their governments’ commitment to continue to engage closely to further strengthen the longstanding bilateral relations that exist between the two countries.
The Foreign Minister of South Korea expressed the admiration of her government to the reforms that have been talking place in Ethiopia and in the region since H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed, Prime Minister of Ethiopia came to power, and as a close development partner to Ethiopia, expressed South Korea’s continued support to Ethiopia’s development efforts. The Foreign Minister also underlined the importance of investments in infrastructure and expressed her confidence in the Ethiopian Government to invite Korean investments in the sector.
The Minister also briefed Dr. Workneh on the current developments in Korean Peninsula and expressed the commitment of the Government of South Korea to continue its engagement to ease tensions.
Foreign Minister of Ethiopia on his part expressed appreciation for the continued support by South Korea and emphasized that the reforms introduced since H.E. Dr. Abiy Ahmed has come to power brought significant changes in all aspects in transforming the country and the region through ensuring peace and security and economic development. The Foreign Minister also expressed his appreciation to KOICA and for its contributions in sectors such as health and education where the impacts significantly changing peoples lives. The Foreign Minister also underlined the importance of continued engagement by the two Koreas to ensure sustainable peace in the Korean Peninsula.