Ethiopia to Host the 2020 World Economic Forum

Ethiopia is due to host the 2020 World Economic Forum. The announcement came during a meeting between Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed and Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Professor Schwab today (January 23), in which the two sides have agreed that Ethiopia will host @WEF in 2020.
According to the Office of the Prime Minister-Ethiopia , the two sides also discussed the importance of a collaborative approach among business, government and the private sector, civil societies in addressing key global challenges.
On the margins of WEF, Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed also held a productive discussion on bilateral issues with Charles Michel, Prime Minister of #Belgium.
Similarly, the Premier met and held talks with Interim President of the World Bank Group, Kristalina Georgieva. On the occasion, Dr. Abiy commended the group’s robust and strong technical and financial support to #Ethiopia and asked for the support to be sustained. The Parties also shared views on new pipeline projects that have both regional and national dimensions